Saturday, September 6, 2008

PMS and no Oven

So it's 87* here with tropical storms lining up like Saturday morning Costco shoppers lined up for free samples of fro-yo, and I have the blues because my oven is out. Yes, Guido took me to look at new ranges but since I can't have gas, I am pouting and we will just need to pass for a bit on the $897 LG convection I want. And I will have it, it will be mine...

I took the dog for a run (ok he ran, I made a new friend-Hi Belinda!) and we came back hot and thirsty. After a shower and a nap, we woke up hungry. I picked at some leftover BBQ pork from yesterday's work lunch but it didn't thrill me. I needed something gooey and sweet. But what to do when I can't bake anything? Use the micro you say? Well now. That's not a bad idea.

4 T Wondra Flour
6 T Sugar
1 Large Egg
3 T Veg Oil
3 T Cocoa Powder
3 T Milk
Peanut Butta (I like the Xtra crunchy kind)
Hershey's Syrup
1 small microwavable bowl
Mix up the flour, sugar and cocoa powder with a dash of salt. Next add the vanilla, oil, egg and milk. Feel no shame. Swirl in the pnut butter and hershey's - just a spoonful of each, more if no one else is home to care. You can do a few extra loads of laundry to work it off later tonight. Throw the whole well mixed thing (in the same bowl you mixed it in) right into your big beautiful microwave oven. No, don't cover it. Relax. This does not get any easier. Cook on high for 3 min and 30 seconds. It will be hot but I know you can't wait.
Grab a pot holder and cradle bowl to your chest, protecting it against any intruders. Spoon a tiny taste into yer face. Wow. Who knew??!?
Probably great with a glass of milk but I had vodka. No, I did NOT eat the whole bowl. Yes, I wanted to but I didn't...

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