Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Plant City Strawberries

Still home sick, but I figure I can blog a bit to lift my spirits.
Late Feb is Strawberry Festival time here in Central FL. While we missed the Plant City festival for the fourth year running, my bossyboss did manage to snag me a 1/2 flat of gorgeous berries from Farmer John's stand on Rt.27 near the post office.

I can't remember when I made these, but they were sweet, fluffy and adorable.

That's Blue Mountain coffee in my favorite Starrf^cks mug, crispy, crunchy, porky, salty bacony bacon, and oh yeah-Guido requested and received BLUEBERRY pancakes. The idea behind me making pancakes is very simple- Mom gave me this kick-ass griddle years ago that is electric and non-stick. It makes fluffy-wuffy flapjacks with zero butter. Of course I make up for that fact by slathering on artery clogging heart stopping hunks of butter on the actual food.
Butter, bacon and buttery bacon. Oh, and there was some warmed sugar free syrup on the table. Yes Virginia, I said sugar free... We aren't heathens afterall!

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