Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Orange You Glad I didn't say Banana?

Our FIRST Honeybell!!
We planted the tree about three years ago, when we first moved in. The first few times it gave us fruit that never ripened. Tonight I scrubbed our "organic" Florida happiness and cut it open. It was gorgeous-juicy, sweet and de-lick-table. I want one hourly. It does have lots and lots of pits... Crappy pics courtesy of my celly.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Amazing Tilapia Chunks

I worked today. Boo is recovering from a mini-open rotatocuff surgery, happy on the "Perk"o-set and smiley to eat anything I give him. Before I left for work I laid out various soups, crackers, poured his juice, peeled some hard boiliey eggs.... And he was bored and starving when I came in..........

You don't have to love these little shortcuts, but I do. The quicker to stufface, the betta. In this case, Amazing Taste Seafood gets a 5.7 out of a possible 10 on the drool-o-meter. We love the no MSG, low sodium-ism of these little guys, but I'll stick to the Amazing Taste BURGER packet. For my 99 centavos, I can buy a mango instead and make a different tasty treat.

As you know, Tilapia is bland, mild, non-fishy and totally non-threatening. It's the Donny Osmond of fish. Paired with some butter, garlic and a splash of lemon, you can't go wrong. The reason I didn't find this seasoning packet AMAZING was that it is lousy with the dill. I have fresh dill that I can use (and SHOULD have) used instead. I must have had a temporary artery blockage while I was shopping, I guess because I picked up one of these which flavors 2-4 POUNDS of fish. Good god! I used 2 fillets. And I have tons of dill, drooping out of the sides of the Aerogarden.

How to make what I made:

Chunk up Tilapia fillets, sprinkle on Amazing Taste SEAFOOD

Lightly olive oil a good non-stick skillet, warm over med heat.


I served with some fresh broccoli (chopped fresh garlic, olive oil) and some PLANTAINS. Oh baby. We are SO into plantains now. I tried the Publix brand but these from Goya are betta.

Just nuke for 3 min-oo-toes and then sprinkle on a bit of cinna-splenda.

Wait, what? My flavors don't meld? Which ones, the delicate fish with the strong, sweet Plantain? Awww......shut it. Boo loves plantains. Not too sweet, not too mushy. They are just right! (Like me!!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Smoked Salmon Salad Roll-ness

Totally addicted to the Smoked Salmon Salad Spring Roll. I am making one tonight and hope to take many, many photos.

The last time these were made was the first time I made them. Tonight I am tired and won't get as nice a turn out, but if I can find the maciva I will illuminate you with my skills, dawg.

My recipe- as submitted to but they didn't approve it yet... I should polish the editing on it a bit more....

Smoked Salmon Salad Spring Rolls
Submitted by: Stuff Yer Face
Prep Time: 10 minutesCook Time: 0 minutes
Ready In: 10 Yields: 4 servings

"Southern Tsunami placed fresh "sushi" makers in the local Publix-they make a cravable Smoked Salmon Salad wrapped in tapioca/rice paper. This is the best we could come up with, it has the exact flavor and it's perfect. I dare you to find this recipe anywhere else on line-it's VERY elusive!"

Rice Paper - Described as Spring Roll or Vietnamese Rice Paper (Use the smallest circle
size available from your favorite Asian market)
Cucumbers - Cut into long, thin strips
Smoked Salmon - Look for bright color in tightly shrink wrapped packages, usually sold by the pound and sliced thin
Prepared Tiger Sauce or Sweet/Hot Chili Sauce

Killer Wasabi Mayo Dressing
1/4 C Mayo
1 T Honey
1 T Dijon Mustard
2-3 T prepared Wasabi
1-2 T Horshradish
Juice of 1 little lime
Sesame Oil

1. Have all ingredients pre-prepped for best results. You will need to work quickly once you soak the rice paper.
2. Prepare the Killer Wasabi Mayo Dressing by whisking the mayo, mustard, honey, wasabi and horshradish, tasting as you go for heat intensity. Add the lime juice and a few drops of sesame oil for flair. Mix well.
3. Peel cucumber and slice into long, thin strips. Set aside.
4. Cut avocado into long, thin strips. Set aside.
5. Open your package of smoked salmon (lox)
6. Grab a large flat dish or something that has some depth- fill with warmer than warm water.
7. Have a stack of paper towels handy, and working one at a time, soak 1 disk of rice paper then blot on towel. Peel from towel and fill as follows: salmon, cucumber, dressing, avocado.
8. Working quickly, roll into a tube, keeping rice paper stretched tight as you can and not letting the filling ooze from the top or bottom. The rice paper will self-seal as long as you do not over-stuff it. Avoid the tendency to add too much dressing as it will get goopy fast.
9. Slice in half at a jaunty angle, serve with Sweet/Hot Chili Sauce.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

QVC-Quit sucking up my money you Vile Creatures!

Boo was lightly snoozing and I flipped the tv from espn-icide to watch a little Q. That's what my lovely MIL calls it. They love her- she has single handedly paid for a few of their houses. (with multiple swipes of her credit cards!) Because I like to look at sparkly things as I drift off (it helps me sleep) I watch.

As the clock struck 00:00 They announced the TSV: philisophy extreme gratitude 4pc gift set.
It's different from the one pictured because I couldn't swipe a foto off the qvc site. Here are the details.

16-oz shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath--full size
8-oz body butter--NEW and full size
2-oz eau de parfum--full size
0.27 oz roll-on perfume oil--full size
1-oz shimmer lotion
Cannot ship to AK, HI, VI, PR, Guam
Made in USA

And it was on EASY PAY- words I love to see best. Words I love to see along with the words 80% off and "No MSG". I'm not kidding, this was a deal. The perfume alone sells for $40 and here was the whole shebang for $60....... I was gone, baby gone.
So in a soft voice I said "I wish I had $60." and even though he was rapidly entering REM, in a firm, manly voice he commands me, "GET IT".

I'm all "Wha? Hunh? Shh- go back to sleep it's midnight!" and he is rolling over, "Get it. Call them, and get it. Do it now, the TSV never lasts." He begins to snore like a wild mongoose. He's sleep shopping FOR me! Is that love or insanity?

My man.

So in 5-10 business days I should be smelling grace-full.

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