Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ima lousy blogger

Seriously, my attentiveness to this blog is lackluster. Ok, it stinks. However I am trying to do better. I have been sick for the first time in FOREVER and have only been stuffing tissues up my nose... Nothing else is getting stuffed, believe me.

Tonight I was tired of chicken soup (and I had leftover dough because I was too sicky to make the Easter Breads that I am famous for) so I forced Guido to help me fashion some funky sauce-less pizza boards. Worked fine, with some large slices of Boar's Head Pepperoni.
The sweet thing about my husband is that he REALLY TRIES. He has no background in the kitchen except as an eager participant in the end result. He was a jock in High School and knows only that he should cook on HIGH with BUTTER- and he fries eggs really good. But he did great and I love him for it.
This pizza-board was drizzled with extra v olive earl, shredded mozz, grated krap err kraft parm and lots of spices that I had him grind in his manly man-hands- he didn't like that part.

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