Saturday, December 1, 2007

QVC-Quit sucking up my money you Vile Creatures!

Boo was lightly snoozing and I flipped the tv from espn-icide to watch a little Q. That's what my lovely MIL calls it. They love her- she has single handedly paid for a few of their houses. (with multiple swipes of her credit cards!) Because I like to look at sparkly things as I drift off (it helps me sleep) I watch.

As the clock struck 00:00 They announced the TSV: philisophy extreme gratitude 4pc gift set.
It's different from the one pictured because I couldn't swipe a foto off the qvc site. Here are the details.

16-oz shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath--full size
8-oz body butter--NEW and full size
2-oz eau de parfum--full size
0.27 oz roll-on perfume oil--full size
1-oz shimmer lotion
Cannot ship to AK, HI, VI, PR, Guam
Made in USA

And it was on EASY PAY- words I love to see best. Words I love to see along with the words 80% off and "No MSG". I'm not kidding, this was a deal. The perfume alone sells for $40 and here was the whole shebang for $60....... I was gone, baby gone.
So in a soft voice I said "I wish I had $60." and even though he was rapidly entering REM, in a firm, manly voice he commands me, "GET IT".

I'm all "Wha? Hunh? Shh- go back to sleep it's midnight!" and he is rolling over, "Get it. Call them, and get it. Do it now, the TSV never lasts." He begins to snore like a wild mongoose. He's sleep shopping FOR me! Is that love or insanity?

My man.

So in 5-10 business days I should be smelling grace-full.

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Anonymous said...

I want to smell you real soon.

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