Friday, November 30, 2007

Almost December?

WTF? It's already the 12th month. I forgot about the pleasure that is blogsplot until my friend Sue gave me her blog address to read. (Maybe I'll ask her if we can link blogs- sounds like fun!) And as I commented I noticed that it said I had an account. I DO? I did!!!
More stream of unconsciousness writing to follow.
Let's see what did I eat today?
Ok- Breaky : 1 cup of coffee
Lunch : 1 smoked salmon salad roll (yumsville)
Snack: Water, handful of peanuts.
Dinner: I took out some shrimp. What the hell will I do with them, that remains to be seen. How odd that my first blog involved shrimp, and this blog to re-begin blogging also involves shrimp o'
the sea.
How thrilled you must be!!

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