Sunday, December 9, 2007

Amazing Tilapia Chunks

I worked today. Boo is recovering from a mini-open rotatocuff surgery, happy on the "Perk"o-set and smiley to eat anything I give him. Before I left for work I laid out various soups, crackers, poured his juice, peeled some hard boiliey eggs.... And he was bored and starving when I came in..........

You don't have to love these little shortcuts, but I do. The quicker to stufface, the betta. In this case, Amazing Taste Seafood gets a 5.7 out of a possible 10 on the drool-o-meter. We love the no MSG, low sodium-ism of these little guys, but I'll stick to the Amazing Taste BURGER packet. For my 99 centavos, I can buy a mango instead and make a different tasty treat.

As you know, Tilapia is bland, mild, non-fishy and totally non-threatening. It's the Donny Osmond of fish. Paired with some butter, garlic and a splash of lemon, you can't go wrong. The reason I didn't find this seasoning packet AMAZING was that it is lousy with the dill. I have fresh dill that I can use (and SHOULD have) used instead. I must have had a temporary artery blockage while I was shopping, I guess because I picked up one of these which flavors 2-4 POUNDS of fish. Good god! I used 2 fillets. And I have tons of dill, drooping out of the sides of the Aerogarden.

How to make what I made:

Chunk up Tilapia fillets, sprinkle on Amazing Taste SEAFOOD

Lightly olive oil a good non-stick skillet, warm over med heat.


I served with some fresh broccoli (chopped fresh garlic, olive oil) and some PLANTAINS. Oh baby. We are SO into plantains now. I tried the Publix brand but these from Goya are betta.

Just nuke for 3 min-oo-toes and then sprinkle on a bit of cinna-splenda.

Wait, what? My flavors don't meld? Which ones, the delicate fish with the strong, sweet Plantain? Awww......shut it. Boo loves plantains. Not too sweet, not too mushy. They are just right! (Like me!!)

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if the Welchmuffin would like plantain? Maybe if I told him it was plaintain......hmm.

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