Tuesday, August 21, 2007

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How much beef can a girl stand?
I think I've eaten a steady 4 days worth with no end in sight. And the sad truth is I no likey the cow. No. No likey. I used to love a thick, bloody hunk o'moo- but those days are ova.
Now it's all about the other. I shun the udder.
Seems like there must have been a sale. I have a fridge full and the madness ends tonight. Well... after tonight. Which is aka tomorrow. Night. Or something.

I am about to go make roasted chici-beans. I am very excited. Did I mention they are going to be roasted? It's all so new.

My plan:
rinse chici beans
gently wrap in paper towel and roll around until dry (the wet beans, not me!)
sprinkle olive oil (I won't write EVOO- I won't I tell ya I won't write it, speak it or think it!)
a bit of kosher salt
perhaps a smattering of secret weapon garlic seasoning?
roast at 350 for half hour.

Will report back in 30+ minutes.

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