Sunday, June 28, 2009

Piggy Candy Bar

Guido, posing with our Applewood smoked bacon + Alder wood smoked salt + deep milk chocolate deliciousnessity.

Hi- this is the Mo's Bacon Bar. An 'Exotic' Candy Bar from Vosges Haut Chocolat. Yeah, you read that right. Bacon's in there.

It was salty, chocolate with specks of crunch that were smokey bits o'piggy.

We like piggy!!

I have been wanting one for about a year now, and refused to pay the $25 shipping charge from the Vosges warehouse to me in Burnin' Hot, FLA. Stumbled upon them at Fresh Market and due to it being hot here- we couldn't wait to get home and had to crack into it in the car. I liked it very much. I think it would go fantastic with wine. But then, I'm not a winer. I do bad things like throw ice cubes and V-8 Splash in my red wine, and add fresh fruit to my white wine- so, look away if you see me with onna these and a stem glass, because it's my piggy bar and I'll have it anyway I want it!!

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