Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hooked on the Q

It would seem that SOME people feel they can "Q" like the big dogs simply by striking a match. Not so.
Work meeting- team bonding- smears of reddish sweet sauce everywhere.
Yes, I may be Yankee to your Cracker, however (and it's a BIG however) I can not, will not, won't not eat that stuff.
They heated things on the grill & called it a BBQ. BBBlech.

Things I tolerated in my mouth include: 2 little wings- naked, please. These were grilled crisp and slightly charred. Not good, not vile. Tiny taste of my own "dumbed down mac salad" (rec to follow) and 6 ruffled ridgled tater chips (not vile, good) and I sucked down a cup of ice water then managed to shove 2 cookies in my face before I knew what hit me. (Sigh- I have no business eating store bought cookies but I did it. I am not proud. I also ate a banana before noon, and 1 slice of turkey (Boar's Head- the best). Just now I stuffed 1 handful of caramel mini-rice cakes in my cookie-hole. I feel thirsty.

Tonight I have NO idea what will be dinner. Boo is off at 8. In about 13 minutes someone is stopping by to chat and I think I should brush my teeth before they arrive. It's the least I can do. Of course I'll pull out some hard cheese, crackers and I have some more Boars Head I can roll into fascinating shapes which will amuse maybe only me. And what to drink? Ice tea- but do I have any more lemons left? Hmmmmmmmm........

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