Monday, August 13, 2007


While I was watching the glorious victory of Rock during the Hell's Kitchen finale, it occured to me that Chef Ramsey can be warm & fuzzy just like normal people. And I wondered if he gets sore throats (and soothes them with a spot-o-tea) after taping. And then I wondered if he tries extra hard to be a bastardo, or if that comes natural and if so, I wondered if he is single or if he's married because if he is married, that woman (if it is a woman and I suspect it is or that's a whole nother show) then -wait where was I? Rock won! Rock won!! I'm glad. In yer face BonBon!

Dinner was good. My craving for fish tacos has NOT QUITE been satisfied, but it worked:
blackened shrimp
tiny flour tortillas
perfectly ripe afta-cados mizz-ixed with chopped scallions and cutie grape tomatoes

Next time would NOT blacken shrimp. I could nary resist the Old Bay Blackened spice box. Really into tin now. Much less scary to drop.
Next time would TOTALLY make a sour-cream-ish sauce.
Next time would squeeze fresh lemons over shrimp- maybe minced garlic and some type of tzanazi sauce (how does one spell that? OPA!)

I'm sleepy.
Oh- dessert was cherries. Boo & I spit the pits (not for distance) and it was way satisfying....

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